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PRICE: : $500,000+ OUTPUT: 96-179kW ENGINE: : 1.6-2.3-litre inline-4


ALFAHOLICS IS A VETERAN of the restomod scene, a family-run 44-year old business from the English seaside town of Clevedon, which essentiall­y grew to offer the ‘Singer 911’ of 105-series Alfas with its epic GTA-R restoratio­n.

The visually restrained looks belie upwards of 3000 loving man-hours of labour. As such, there’s an even more underthe-radar panache to an Alfaholics coupe compared to, say, a Singer. You’re privy to tripping over a Singer 911 in an executive car park of any Silicon Valley megacorp, but it’s a rare Junior coupe built to GTA-R specificat­ions by Alfaholics that you’ll find in the garage of Gordon Murray.

Powered by the venerable Alfa TwinSpark inline-four, it’s the 830kg kerb weight figure that we find most titillatin­g.

There are decades of historic racing experience as well as countless national-level concours awards under the classic Alfisti workshop’s belt. Given that pedigree, your dream Alfa coupe can range from a finely upholstere­d tourer with modern air-conditioni­ng and audio, to a carbon-bodied track-day weapon with rose-jointed tubular titanium wishbone suspension.

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