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PRICE: $800,000+ (BYO 964) OUTPUT: 223kW-290kW ENGINE: 3.8/4.0-litre flat-six


THE ONE THAT needs no introducti­on. Arguably the ostensible catalyst for the whole restomod genre: Singer’s sublime classic 911.

Quite simple really, you give the California­n dream factory a complete ’89-’94 964 911, along with an rather large cheque, and Singer creates for you its most perfect vision of a classic 911 - and to your exacting specificat­ions. Say no more!

Once stripped to bare metal, the monocoque is braced and strengthen­ed before being adorned with a host of carbon fibre exterior panels.

No stone is left untouched with Singer’s wizards carefully blending newly developed and upgraded parts, with carefully curated components from throughout the 911’s lineage, such as the 993’s delightful rack-and-pinion steering.

There are three engine available as standard: a 223kW 3.8-litre flat-six, a 260kW Cosworth-fettled 3.8-litre, topped by a bored and built 290kW 4.0-litre unit.

There are more options than you can fathom, with the scope of your build limited only by your imaginatio­n and bank balance. It was a tough decision not to include Singer’s droolworth­y DLS, and its Williamsho­ned 372kW air-cooled 4.0-litre. However, there’s just something so right about Rob Dickinson’s tastefully updated entry level Singer models. Less can indeed be more.

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