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Join us for a series of real-world Australian drag races


MOTOR IS MORE than just this magazine you hold in your hands. You will be aware of our website, which you can visit to read the latest news every day, but we also have a growing YouTube channel that contains videos and stories you won’t be able to find in these pages. There’s plenty of reason to tune in, with in-depth reviews and track tests uploaded regularly. We’ve got a series of drag races too, which are well worth a watch.

It’s where each week (lockdown abiding) we bring you a new match up to see which vehicle is quicker over three discipline­s – a full-attack launch, comfort mode ‘street launch’, and a roll.

There are your usual pairings of long-standing rivals, but we are also taking the opportunit­y to investigat­e different head-to-heads through the crucible of drag racing.

Hypothetic­al situations like, is a rear-drive V8 wagon faster than an AWD V6 SUV?

We lined a Mercedes-AMG C63 S Estate up against an Alfa Romeo Stelvio Q. And don’t be so sure you know the answer already.

We also ponder if a tuned dualcab diesel ute could out run a standard hot hatch over 400 metres. The ute, by way of explanatio­n, is a VW Amarok that has been tweaked by Evolve Technik to the tune of 240kW and 700Nm. Defending the honour of hot hatches everywhere is a brand new Mk8 Golf GTI, packing 180kW/370Nm. Sure, the dual-cab is way more powerful, but it’s also carrying plenty of heft and an extra driven axle. You want to know the result now, don’t you?

More traditiona­l drag race fare comes in the shape of a pair of pepped-up ponies from the Mustang Motorsport stable. Watch some rubber meet its maker as we find out what happens when 559kW and 900Nm meets tyres and suspension in bone stock form.

There’s a stack of amazing headto-heads to watch, so scan the QR codes on this page to watch the action, and subscribe to the MOTOR YouTube channel. - CK

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