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I loved the “clown shoe” Sweet Dream in your September 2021 mag but think you started with the wrong donor car. While a manual, rear drive BMW Z4 M Coupe would be amazing, it would also be prohibitiv­ely expensive and too powerful to properly enjoy in the land of low speed limits and excessive speed cameras.

A shooting-brake version of the upcoming BRZ/86 on the other hand would be a third the price, have accessible and fun performanc­e, and would make it much more practical for the cost of a few kilos. Subaru/ Toyota might even consider adding enough length to the wheelbase of this version to make the rear seats usable. A modern Lancia HPE or even a mini Ferrari FF?

The initial sales success of the original BRZ/86 dropped off after a few years to the point enthusiast­s were worried there wouldn’t be a version 2.0. Maybe the practicali­ty of a shooting-brake BRZ/86 would find the incrementa­l buyers to sustain the BRZ/86 on an on-going basis. Would love to see it.

PS - If you are looking for more Sweet Dream ideas, a VW California with VW Amarok sized wheels and 4WD system for ability to camp in comfort anywhere in Australia would be very sweet.

Wayne Black , via Email

I think Toyota already beat you to that punch with a one-off 86 shooting brake design study. – Ed

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