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We have just purchased a new Mk8 Golf GTI. We have found that the AM radio has an issue across all models and that VW Australia has told the dealership that it won’t be fixed as they are moving to digital radio. Response is we should stream the AM radio if required.

I think this is not acceptable at all. I don’t want a $65,000 new car that has issues with the radio. I find its response disappoint­ing as other manufactur­ers have AM/FM/Digital, phone app as a standard feature.

I have asked VW Australia to tell us what the difference is between the European and Australian model, and they won’t supply this informatio­n. No VW app or SOS facility available in Australia. The Mk8 was a leap in technology and a huge price increase that I believe is not warranted under these issues.

It just seems that we are the


poor cousin to the European model. If I knew that the radio had an issue, I would have chosen a different manufactur­er. Who makes the decision on what features are available in Australia, I would have thought it would be the same as the rest of the world?

This is the third Golf we have purchased and the car drives and looks great, but for the increase price I would have thought it would be far better than what we got.

Joe Scalise, via Email We’ve reached out to Volkswagen Australia for comment but have heard nothing at the time of going to press. For many rural communitie­s, AM reception is often the only choice in this wide, brown land. – Ed

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