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Before you go bragging to your mates, it’s good to know if you’ve done well


DUE TO ITS compact and relatively flat design, there isn’t really a bad spot to watch on-track action at Winton. The turn one-two chicane, and the inside of turn 10 are likely to see the most action. You can camp at major events like Supercars for the most authentic race experience.

When taking your own car to the track, it’s important to build your pace progressiv­ely toward a sensible goal. The fastest supercars will be doing well to lap below the 1:30 bracket, while most sportscars should be dipping well under 1:40 at their fastest. Front-drive hot hatches can be proud of a lap less than 1:50, with all-wheel drive monsters like the A45 S harassing sports cars. The short straights mean you’ll most likely need a three-digit kilowatt figure starting with four to crack 200km/h before turn one. For the curious, the Supercars lap record is a brisk 1:19.7.

If you can’t get to the track in person, or want to get some virtual practice in, Winton has been laser scanned and will be added to sim-racing service iRacing in 2022.

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