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Turn 10 is a relatively simple corner in that it is basically a 90-degree bend. That doesn’t mean it should be underestim­ated. There’s a lot of time to be made up under braking on the way in, and with the run from Nine it’s key to pick your braking marker and get on the anchors hard. But you really need to be careful it doesn’t sacrifice the exit, so you don’t need to run too deep with the middle pedal.


The entry to 11 is critical. It appears to be another simple 90-degree turn, but the thing that makes it difficult is making sure you slow things down enough on the entry as it’s actually quite bumpy under brakes - providing quite the challenge. It’s really easy to come in too hot and push wide at the exit and run over the pit entry lane. This has the flow-on effect of compromisi­ng your line into and out of Turn 12, which will hurt lap times significan­tly. Stay off the inside kerb at both 11 and 12. Braking, rotation, and power down while running to the outside of the track at 12 is imperative for your run down the front straight. The earlier you can get to full throttle the quicker you are down the front straight to generate good times.


The kerbs at Turn 10 are a hidden secret to nailing the last portion of the lap. You can be aggressive with the exit, taking as much as you dare. However, the inside kerb should be avoided, as all it tends to do is bounce the car and extends the time it takes for it to settle before you can get back on the accelerato­r.

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