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Hyundai has engineered a wet clutch system for its DCT installati­on on the i30 N. While dry clutch systems are typically used for lower torque applicatio­ns, the lubricated components of a wet clutch DCT help reduce friction and dissipate heat. Therefore this technical solution is increasing­ly favoured in any applicatio­n where thermal robustness and durable shift quality is prioritise­d. Wet clutch DCTs can then be divided into those systems that feature a single sump to lubricate both the gears and the clutch and those with a dedicated oil supply to each component. Single sump wet clutch installati­ons require a fluid that combines the gear protection of manual transmissi­on fluid with the clutch friction performanc­e of automatic transmissi­on fluid, balancing torque capacity and shudder durability.

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