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Where the old circuit comes in on the right tends to be near the start of the braking area for most cars. The car does get a little light here under brakes so it’s easy to out-brake yourself. While you might not always run off the track, it does tend to run you into Turn One a little bit hot, which can then impact you through Turn Two and the run up to Turn Three. The important thing through The Esses is to not overcommit on the entry into the section and to be able to keep the car in tight to the first apex so that it helps open up Turn Two.


Get Turn One right and you can carry more speed through Turn Two with most time to be gained at the mid-to-exit part of the complex so you can carry speed up to Turn Three. You can gain or lose a lot in the short run up to Three purely by how you tackle the exit. There is a lot of road on the outside of Turn Two to be able to run wide. There are obviously the big kerbs on the outside there so depending on what sort of car you’re in, that will determine whether you can chase it all the way out wide and use the exit kerb or not.


Pit exit flows you out onto the inside of Turn One. Keep your head on a swivel and make sure not to park on the apex as others come in hot and fast. The wall at the exit of Turn Two is the closest you’ll get all lap to concrete. The barrier gets closer to the track at exit, so remember the basics and don’t fixate ... or else.

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