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Turn Three and Four have recently been reprofiled with wider, more forgiving exits. You’ll nail this if you are able to flow the car smoothly without scrubbing off speed. Turn Three can be a little bit tricky because from the point where you start to clear the brake to the apex, the track actually drops away by about a metre to a metre and a half. It’s easy to end up with a lot of understeer if you don’t carry the brake in enough. You’ve got to try and trail the brake in a bit to keep the weight on the nose to avoid mid-corner push and then get back on the power as soon as you can.


With the reprofilin­g it’s all about trying to carry as much speed through Turn Four toward Turn Five as you can. When you get it right, Turn Four is literally just a very small touch of the brake. You’ve got a lot of inside kerb to use because it’s very flat – even though it’s got the saw-tooth characteri­stic to it you can still use all of it. Basically, you’re aiming for the dirt on the inside and then use every bit of that kerb before chasing the car out wide to help maximise mid-corner speed. Other kerbs will hurt you, not this one.


Whether you are in a sub-200kW hatch, or a 400kW track weapon, Winton is all about maintainin­g momentum. The straights are short, but you’ll gain more time by being careful with Turn Three than you will by going too hot into the entry. Get your exits right and the time will come to you.

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