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Turn Five is a tricky one because it is quite a fast approach. It’s a double apex whereby you can brake on the way into the apex. It’s all about trying to carry corner speed. Because you’re braking on the way in, especially in a front-wheel-drive car, it can be quite easy to lose the rear axle on entry. Try to manage the balance of the car on the way in so that you’re carrying the brake enough to keep the nose in and get front-end grip without losing the tail-end. It really is quite easy to lose the rear of the car here and go off in the midsection of the corner. But don’t let that put you off. When you do get it all right it’s a great corner. After the fast entry, carry the brake and let the car wash out a little, so you end up nice and high at the mid-point of the corner and then you can start to come back in for the second apex which is all about giving you the run up to Turn Seven. You really want to stay off the kerbs on the inside of the second apex because they are quite aggressive. If you start bouncing off them here it massively unsettles the balance of the car which causes you to lose road speed.


Pay particular attention to tyre temperatur­es and track conditions at Turn Five, The Sweeper. This is the greatest commitment corner on the circuit. There’s plenty of run-off, but go full attack on your first flyer and you’ll easily find yourself in the weeds. More than any other, this is the corner you need to build up to at Winton.

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