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Come out of The Sweeper and change direction through Turn Six. It really isn’t much of a corner, but positionin­g on the track is very important as it’s all about trying to square the car up and get it to brake in a straight line for the entry into Turn Seven. That’s because the car is going to do its best braking with the weight distribute­d evenly on the front axle, so you gain great retardatio­n. Throughout the entire Turn Seven, Eight and Nine complex trailing the brake is vital to help with vehicle rotation. They’re all relatively slow-speed corners with Seven and Nine being the slowest of this particular section.


You’ll need to carry more speed through Turn Eight as you come down and around the tree. When you are trail braking it is a balancing act of not washing too much speed off to keep the nose of the car loaded for turn so you can get back to the throttle as soon as possible. Turn Nine is one of the slowest corners on the track but it has a straight after it. Clearing the brake, rotating, and accelerati­ng out positively is critical to ensure you get a run down what is called ‘The Old Back Straight’ and into Turn 10.


You’ll still want to carefully manage weight transfer through the right-left-right complex. Get aggressive with either the steering or the accelerato­r and brake and it’ll get your car off balance. Practice being consistent with your lines, opening the radius of each corner to increase the amount of speed you can carry.

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