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High-end supercars require a state-of-the-art facility to build them. And that’s exactly what the Gordon Murray Group is doing with its 12,000 square metre foot developmen­t on a 22 hectare site in Surrey.

Branded a technology campus, the all-new headquarte­rs at Windlesham is slated to be complete in three phases, with the finishing touches added by the end of 2024, costing an estimated AUD$93m in the process.

Given design is a key considerat­ion for Murray, the new project will be ‘sympatheti­cally integrated’ into the historic site, with the Surrey Heath Borough Council advising. Gas giant BOC once occupied the location, with the distinctiv­e atom-shaped building to be preserved.

Inside the building it’ll be clean enough to eat off the floor (don’t actually do that), with a ‘revolution­ary layout’ for the design and prototypin­g area of the main engineerin­g facility, one that promises an ultra-efficient, worldclass vehicle developmen­t process to boot.

Design teams will sit adjacent to their individual build bays housing the actual concept they’re working on with common areas for brainstorm­ing ideas between crews.

Within the next three years the project is expected to create more than 100 highly skilled jobs.

The Gordon Murray Group will maintain its existing facilities, with the Dunsfold Park site tasked with housing the production of the T.50 hypercar.

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