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WE ENJOY OUR fair share of shenanigan­s at MOTOR HQ. Performanc­e cars are meant to be fun above all else after all.

However, we also like to have serious moments from time to time, namely in the pursuit of answering a burning question.

This month the MOTOR YouTube has its fair share of both, with videos featuring a wild and lairy driftmobil­e, along with a data-driven answer to a long-raging debate.

We don’t do things by half either, with the debate in question being which is the better transmissi­on choice for a hot hatch at the track – a manual or automatic?

It’s no doubt you have a preconceiv­ed answer already prepared – as we did – but to get the true answer we took both the self-shifting and three-pedal version of the Ford Focus ST to a circuit and set them against a stop watch.

You’ll need to scan the QR code on this page to find out which came out on top.

Still at the track we strapped into the RTR Ford Mustang to put its grin-inducing claims to the test. You can read Scotty’s full review on page 28, but we’re sure you want to see a visual representa­tion of all that go-sideways engineerin­g in action.

The results were, well, smokey. You’ll also want to grab a good pair of headphone for this one, or turn your speakers right up, as the 5.0-litre supercharg­ed V8 sounds absolutely awesome as tyres are transforme­d into smoke.

Finally we got up close and personal with the McLaren 720S to get nerdy about the little details.

To let you in on a secret, you’ll be seeing a lot more of this particular British supercar in both the pages of MOTOR and our YouTube channel in the coming months. We suggested watching Daniel’s video by scanning the QR code to reacquaint yourself with Woking’s Big Mac.

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