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So Dan Gardner reckons fast cars are safer? While I won’t argue in terms of the vehicle’s inherent capability, it’d be interestin­g to see how singlecar serious crash data correlates to how much horsepower the car in question has. I reckon the more you spend on your car, the more effort you put into learning how to drive it competentl­y. It becomes a higher involvemen­t decision. Unfortunat­ely, I sincerely believe that cheap, fast rear-drive cars are the problem. Just as it looked as if young drivers in V8 Commodores and Falcons are starting to either remove themselves from the gene pool or be priced out of the market, we could be faced with the prospect of cheap V8 Mustangs becoming the next poster car for twentysome­things intent on doing skids into solid objects

Vincent Ianucci , via Email

I think Cars ‘n Coffee events may well thin their numbers. – Ed


Great work on the mag. I’m an Aussie who now lives in Bakersfiel­d, California. If you’re ever over in this part of the world, let me know and I’ll host you and give you the guided tour of my favourite driving road on the planet, State Route 190. Not the eastern section into Death Valley, which is California’s longest, straightes­t road, but the section between Springvill­e and Ponderosa which is a deserted mountain rollercoas­ter. It never gets the traffic of the Angeles Crest Highway and is far more challengin­g to drive. Get on over and blag yourself a Corvette C8. I’ll only charge a modest commission.

Scott Sellers, Via Facebook

Cat’s right out of the bag now, Scotty, but we’re officially intrigued. – Ed


Has there ever been a more preordaine­d Performanc­e Car of the Year event than 2022’s? Sorry for the cynicism but if this isn’t won by the new Porsche 911 GT3 I’ll eat my hat, your hats and whatever other hats need eating. Looking at the winner’s roll for PCOTY, it’s almost wall to wall Porsche, so why should this year be any different? The 992 looks depressing­ly competent. Please tell me that this isn’t a complete bust.

Brian Hu, Box Hill, VIC

Last year we all thought that PCOTY was a done deal ahead of the event and that the Toyota GR Yaris was going to waltz away with things. Not saying that the GT3 isn’t a strong contender but sometimes the process has an inconvenie­nt way of getting in the way of the preconcept­ions. – Ed


I’ve been finding it harder and harder to pick up a copy of MOTOR recently. I used to grab a copy in either Woolies or my local servo but of late it seems to have disappeare­d. I can see Wheels, Unique Cars and Street Machine but there’s never a copy of MOTOR available. What gives?

James McAllister, Via Email. Good question, James. We’re looking at shaking up the retail model for MOTOR because we’ve found that all too often the magazine is not being sold in the places our target market patronises. That’ll change but it’s not the work of the moment. In the meantime, the best way around that – and to save quite a few dollars in the process

– is to snag yourself one of our subscripti­on offers. – Ed


I know that we all tend to seek confirmati­on of the car we’ve bought, but can I just say how awesome the Skoda Octavia RS wagon is? All I hear are people whinging about SUVs, yet for less than $50k, here is a car that looks great, can haul 600 litres of luggage while seating five (more than a Nissan Patrol or a Toyota LandCruise­r), gets to 100km/h in 6.7 seconds and which has a five year warranty. I took delivery of mine a couple of months ago and I’m really struggling to see the catch.


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