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The mag not enough? Get your extra PCOTY fix via MOTOR’s YouTube


WHAT, YOU THOUGHT we’d call it quits on PCOTY coverage after 100-plus pages of in-detail reporting in this mag? Think again.

You can count this as your official spoiler warning, but if you don’t want to have the results for Performanc­e and Sports Car Of The Year revealed before you’ve consumed the written reports hold off on scanning the QR codes you see on this page.

However, if like us, you can’t get enough of the biggest and best performanc­e car award in the country, scan away!

This year the video team was working overtime to capture all the footage needed to bring you along for the ride on the best week of the year.

So sit back, relax, set aside an hour of time with a big screen television and your favourite beverage, and enjoy the sights, sounds, and definitive verdicts from

PCOTY and SCOTY for 2022.

Once you’ve done that, come back and scan again, because to quote Jon English’s version of The Pirate King, “we haven’t finished yet!”

MOTOR columnist and all-round charming fellow Daniel Gardner has been hard at work taking part in the kind of all-night motoring escapade that would single-handedly keep Red Bull awash with cash.

But it wasn’t canned caffeine keeping Mr Gardner awake. Oh no! The cheeky devil managed to steal the keys to the MOTOR long-term McLaren 720S and used Woking’s 530kW twin-turbo V8 to propel him from the clutches of sleep into the loving embrace of dawn.

Make sure to head to the MOTOR YouTube channel and subscribe so you don’t miss out on any future videos – like Kirby’s review of the Cayman GT4 RS where you can hear Porsche’s latest rocket scream to 9000rpm for yourself!

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