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The clue is on the very front of the magazine: POWER, PERFORMANC­E, PASSION. The Ford Craptor has no place in this magazine. What you are doing putting one of these tractors on a long term test is beyond me. I read this mag because I like fast performanc­e cars. If I wanted to read about slow, smelly diesel utes, there are plenty of other mags that cater for that kind of thing. I’m afraid if you persist in reviewing these things I will have to cancel my subscripti­on to this mag.

On a positive side, awesome review of the Maserati MC20. I saw that very car up here on the Gold Coast. It is truly beautiful. Shame I will never be able to afford one. Andy McLaren , via Email We knew this was going to be incoming from somebody with an aversion to the Ford Ranger Raptor, but I will say this. While I’m never about to claim it’s got a great deal of power, the Raptor’s performanc­e on dirt is enormous fun and the passion that has gone into it and the depth of engineerin­g behind it eclipses that of certain supercars I could mention. It’s not going to be for everyone, but that’s the nature of niche vehicles, I guess. There are many ways to slice and dice the definition of ‘performanc­e’ in cars and we’ll always encourage a broadening rather than a narrowing of that particular view. As for the Maserati, many thanks for the kudos. We’re lining up another opportunit­y to get behind the wheel of another MC20, so don’t cancel that subscripti­on, Andy! - Ed.

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