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Is it just me or are car wheels getting uglier? What has happened to really good-looking OEM alloys?

These days we mostly see weird dimple-effect faces, unnecessar­y like diamond-cut anything or just plain dull and unimaginat­ive. I don’t think there are too many cars where the wheels would draw a second glance for the right reasons.

It seems that there was a whole glut of fantastic wheel designs that emerged in the ’90s and since then the designers seem to have run out of ideas a bit. Nick Nicolaou , via Email We had a straw poll in the office and we love the gold five-spokes on the 718 Boxster 25 Years, the return of the ’90s AMG monoblocs on the new AMG GT 4-door, the stunning five-hole design of the Alfa Giulia Quadrifogl­io and another ’90s return, the three-spoke design on the Maserati MC20. So yes, there are some really cool OEM wheels out there. Oh, and you can add the 21-inch Mission E skinny black fivespoke wheel for the Porsche Taycan to that list. I’m also intrigued by the wheels on the new Hyundai Ioniq5, however, there’s no way I’d want to clean them. – Ed.

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