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Absolutely stunned by the Maserati MC20 feature in last month’s magazine. It was a great read and Ellen Dewar’s photograph­y, just awesome. I’d love a couple of those images framed on my wall.

Is there another female automotive photograph­er in the world who turns out the stuff Ellen does so consistent­ly for MOTOR?

Jason Card, via email. I can answer your question without too much fear of contradict­ion, Jason. There’s certainly no other female in automotive photograph­y who has a body of work quite like Ellen’s. It’s great to see talent like Amy Shore and Lisa Linke developing, but Ms Dewar’s been at this for a very long time. Believe it or not, she was down on herself for the MC20 shoot, thinking that it didn’t meet her standards. Then we saw the finished photoset and our jaws hit the floor – Ed

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