Peaty’s tube­less sealant £29.99 (1l bot­tle)

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Peaty’s sealant is am­mo­nia free, so smells bet­ter than some for­mu­las and should be less cor­ro­sive too, and the blue seal­ing par­ti­cles are biodegrad­able (made from dyed tree bark). The first batch we tested was su­per-thick and gave mixed re­sults in test­ing. We con­sis­tently had prob­lems with even new tyres go­ing flat overnight, un­til we swapped to a thin­ner com­peti­tor. For­tu­nately, Peaty’s made a run­ning change. The new stuff is thin­ner (but not as runny as Stan’s) and uses a dif­fer­ent type of la­tex. We’ve had no more is­sues with slow leak­ing, but in our stan­dard test – us­ing 100ml of sealant in a 27.5x2.3in tyre, in­flat­ing to 30psi, shak­ing and spin­ning the wheel, then stab­bing the tyre and spin­ning it un­til it seals – it was slower to seal holes than Stan’s or Ef­fetto Caf­féla­tex, es­pe­cially if the holes were in the side­wall. Us­ing more sealant helped, but Peaty’s is al­ready pricier by vol­ume. Seb­over­

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