OneUp Com­po­nents EDC Plug & Pli­ers Kit US$35 + ship­ping

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This new kit ex­pands the ca­pa­bil­ity of OneUp’s crafty EDC tool stor­age sys­tems, and all for a measly 17g weight penalty. If you stash your EDC tool in your head tube or OneUp’s 100cc pump, then this tube­less tyre plug kit and set of quick-link pli­ers in­te­grates neatly into the stor­age tube that screws onto the tool’s base (there’s isn’t enough room for it in the 70cc pump). This does mean you won’t have space for a CO2 car­tridge though. The pronged ‘jab­ber’ (used to wedge the tyre plugs into the tyre) screws onto the bot­tom of the tool and you can com­fort­ably fit up to five plugs in­side the tube, along with the pli­ers. While the EDC tool al­ready in­cludes a nifty lit­tle quick-link breaker (10/11-speed), it’s nowhere near as easy to use as the pli­ers are. De­spite the short han­dles, they work well even on more stub­born links and are com­pat­i­ble with 10, 11 and 12-speed chains, mak­ing them a great op­tion if you’ve been put off car­ry­ing quick-link pli­ers pre­vi­ously due to their size. The thing that sets the ‘jab­ber’ apart from other tube­less re­pair kits is the way it screws onto the tool body, giv­ing you a huge han­dle to grip when in­sert­ing the tyre plugs. The 15 in­cluded plugs should keep you cov­ered for a long while. Matt­up­com­po­

A great add-on for EDC tool own­ers, which in­te­grates beau­ti­fully. Lim­ited ap­peal for non-EDC own­ers though

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