Thank fully their ac­tions–and un­sanc­tioned hel­met hair–failed to pro­voke the ire of the au­thor­i­ties

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When Dan Mil­ner re­vealed he was plan­ning a trip to North Korea, I was taken aback. He’s trav­elled with his bike and cam­era to dan­ger­ous places be­fore, in­clud­ing Afghanistan, but this was a whole other level. A land where for­eign­ers are viewed with sus­pi­cion. Where say­ing the wrong thing, be­ing in the wrong place or even hav­ing the wrong hair­cut can get you ar­rested. (Se­ri­ously, if re­ports are to be be­lieved, North Kore­ans are lim­ited to just 15 stateap­proved ’dos.) And where those who fall out of favour with Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un are sum­mar­ily ex­e­cuted in grue­some ways.

Not only did Dan and his crew make it over the bor­der, de­spite the best ef­forts of the US trade em­bargo, but once there, they bent the rules to gain un­prece­dented ac­cess to the North Korean back­coun­try and out­paced their govern­ment min­ders to hang out with lo­cals. Thank­fully, these ac­tions – not to men­tion their un­sanc­tioned hel­met hair – failed to pro­voke the ire of the au­thor­i­ties and they made it home safely, with one hell of a story to tell, which you can read on page 42.

While I’m not sug­gest­ing that a rogue nu­clear state is the best place to go rid­ing, Dan’s ad­ven­ture shows what an amaz­ing tool the moun­tain bike is. Not only can it give you ac­cess to some of the wildest places on earth, but it helps break down bar­ri­ers with the peo­ple you meet along the way. So why not get out there and have your own ad­ven­ture in 2019?


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