GUY’S OR­ANGE P7 29 S£1,800

Mountain Biking UK - - LONG-TERM RIDES -

The P7 is a great shape, with a solid spec for the money. It’s a no-non­sense hard­tail that’ll take it on the chin with­out even twitch­ing, mak­ing it good for forg­ing new skills and push­ing new lim­its on. From a long-term point of view, all the kit is in keep­ing with its tough char­ac­ter too, with the WTB tyres be­ing the only thing I’d be in a hurry to change. But if you’re look­ing for a lively whip of a frame that comes alive with ev­ery cor­ner load-up or press of the ped­als, this isn’t it. I’ve tried ev­ery­thing from su­per-light and ul­tra-fat wheels to one-piece car­bon bars and an ar­ray of forks and tyres, but still haven’t found the de­fib­ril­la­tor that sparks the P7 into life. www.or­ange­

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