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Un­til in­ter an­der­ing ea­tur­ing atie ar ichael and Buller nco ered ea tur­ing Sue le en­ger will show o a col­lec­tion o photographic i ages large and s all

uly 21 o e and watch so e o Aus tralia s est s iers and snow oard­ers de­scend the Moun­tain at Aus­tralia s pre ier rail e ent Burton at­tle an s ail a which will e re turn­ing or the th con­se­cuti e year The at tle an s ail a is one o the coun­try s long est run­ning snow oard­ing rail e ents and all par­tic­i­pants are in the run­ning or a share o

worth o cash and pri es uly 22 o e to the Moose­head Bar or ui ight Start­ing at p there will e ree en­try and any pri es to e won

Au ust 11 2 o e and isit Tony Har ring­ton s e hi ition o photographic i ages y Buller lo­cal and world renowned Big a e and Big Moun­tain pho­tog­ra­pher there are ore de tails to co e shortly o e on up to the oun­tain where you can s i oard ta e a les­son on Bour e St s i run or go to og­gan­ing in the il­lage Snow­play Par un­til p all un­der lights This is co ple ented y li e en­ter­tain ent and e tended Start­ing at p there will e a ree Mag­i­cal Moun­tains show with ree hot choco­late or the

ids Miss Twisty will ter­tain ent with one Be­tween : e hold­ing so e al­loon twist­ing and : p ree ids en un or e ery o e along and watch any o the ol­low­ing A en­gers: n in­ity ar Breath ringo ncredi les i e o the Party uras­sic orld: allen in­gdo Si­cario and ocean The cine a opens ro a un­til p or ore in or ation or to oo tic ets please call

one Mt Buller s new­est in­door acti ity the Buller Air one is o icially open

ea­tures in­clude i e high per or ance tra po lines in­clud­ing an u er tra p a gi­ant air ag an in lata le oul­der­ing wall a sel elay­ing cli ing wall Open p p Mon­day un­til Thurs­day p p on ri­day and Sat­ur­day and p p on Sun­day

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