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Improvemen­ts are safety first for pedestrian­s


PEDESTRIAN safety in and around the Mt Buller carparks has been a focus for the Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management Board in recent years.

Stairs have been installed between the Chalet and Walkers on Buller carparks so that people don’t have to walk around a blind corner on the side of the Mt Buller Road.

Stairs near the entrance to Walkers carpark also provide direct access to the Northside Express lift, while concrete bollards along that section of the Mt Buller Road create a safe pedestrian area for anyone who is unable to use the stairs.

And yet another set of stairs has been installed so that people parking in the CSIR carparks can access the Celia’s snowplay park and carpark shuttle stop without having to walk along the roadside.

RMB chief executive officer Mark Bennetts explained that several changes have also been trialled in the Celia’s area over the last two seasons, aimed at improving pedestrian safety in this complex zone.

“This is a really tricky area which involves coaches parking and unloading/loading, carpark shuttles heading to and from Horse Hill, cars heading down the Horse Hill ramp on their way home, cars driving to and from Corn Hill Road and the Mt Buller village, pedestrian­s coming from Corn Hill or CSIR carpark, and people using the snowplay park and Celia’s café,” he said.

“And we think we’ve finally got it right.”

Concrete bollards have been carefully positioned to create pedestrian only zones including seating, a queuing area for people catching the free carpark shuttle, and an area for people alighting from the shuttle when they’ve come down from the village.

There’s also a defined pedestrian crossing to the bus parking area, lanes allowing the passage of carpark shuttles, and areas for cars parking overnight to pause until they can be led together to the overnight carpark by a member of the RMB parking team.

Mr Bennetts said the RMB is looking forward to seeing these improvemen­ts at work when the snow and coaches finally start arriving.

“We expect this will provide pedestrian­s and drivers with much safer passage through the area, and a more enjoyable visit to Celia’s and the snowplay park - as long as we all do the right thing by staying within the speed limit and sticking to the defined pedestrian zones,” he said.

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