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Delicious and decadent cocktails with Sassy Sister


IT takes a long time and a lot of love to produce Sassy Sister Liqueur.

But the effort and tender care in making this remarkable product is a labour of love and passion for makers Amanda Furlong and Rob Mitchell of Merton.

“We create Sassy Sister at Bilyara Springs, our sustainabl­e farm and craft distillery, nestled in the foothills of Victoria’s pristine Strathbogi­e Ranges,” said Amanda.

“Made using our organicall­y grown berries, and locally sourced spirits, Sassy Sister is distilled and bottled on site at Bilyara Springs.

“With Sassy Sister we celebrate and honour generation­s of strong and independen­t women.”

Directly from the fields, Sassy Sister steeps the delicious berries in spirit aged for more than 16 years within French and American oak casks.

As Sassy Sister’s essence blooms into a rich, warm and mellow spirit, a portion of the alcohol naturally evaporates into the aromatic oak barrels ‘the angels’ share’.

To perfectly balance the fruit flavours, Amanda and Rob carefully and meticulous­ly blend in a younger, vibrant spirit, aged in the same way, evolving a smooth, complex palate.

The liqueur is then bedded down for up to a further five years, allowing the spirits and fresh fruits to harmonise into Sassy Sister’s signature deep tones and exquisite taste.

And this liqueur’s signature exquisite taste can be used to create the most delicious and decadent cocktails: here are a couple of tantalisin­g teasers:

Sassy Down Under:

● 45 mls Sassy Sister Liqueur

● 10 mls Monin blueberry syrup

● 15 mls freshly squeezed lemon juice

● 60 mls fresh pineapple juice

● half a teaspoon of Vegemite Combine liqueur, syrup and juice in a mixing glass, stir through the Vegemite until diluted then add ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a twist of lemon.

Black Forest Sassy:

● 40 mls Sassy Sister Liqueur

● 30 mls cherry liqueur

● 10 mls creme de cacao

● 10 mls Licor 43

Chocolate cream topping:

● 25 mls chocolate creme liqueur

● 100 mls thickened pouring cream Shake over ice and strain into a port glass. Top with a few spoonfuls of chocolate cream topping and garnish with chocolate shavings and a fresh cherry.

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