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Bringing new life to property management on Buller


WITH years of experience in real estate and business management, three local Mansfield people have come together to form a new company North East Property Services - corporate body managing.

John Neely along with Steve and Tamara Rabie have formed the company believing they can improve management services for corporate body apartment and home owners who need good management of their homes and apartments - particular­ly on Mt Buller and in the holiday let area.

“After owning an apartment on Buller and then going through the process of selling it again, having to deal with corporate body issues, I saw the need for a more refined and definitive management service,” Steve said.

“But we also saw the lack of good communicat­ion between management services and their clients.

“In the past I have been let down through lack of communicat­ion, so I feel this is a big issue which we will address.

“There was an opportunit­y there in the market, especially on Mt Buller, and we are grabbing it.

“We are confident we can give more value to our services - ‘Better Bargaining for your Bucks’, he said.

“John Neely has had many years of experience in Melbourne in management of strata titles, corporate management and real estate but has now moved back ‘home’ for good.

“Tamara has also had many years of experience in real estate sales and management and believes she can also contribute a wealth of knowledge to the new company.”

John Neely will be the principal manager of NE Property Services taking charge of the financial side, while Tamara will take the reins on owner meetings and in particular the AGM with the support of John of course.

She will also hold a major role in liaison (communicat­ion) with clients - John of course will share this role.

Issues to be managed and improved for clients will include insurances (sourcing the best coverage at best price) and building security (both financiall­y and structural­ly).

“Hopefully we can become a new price setter - and not just a price taker,” Steve said.

Steve’s role will be taking charge of maintenanc­e of buildings as he has had experience in large projects having set up, owned and operated a marine services business prior to becoming a full time farmer.

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