Re­mem­ber: check your ski bind­ings

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SKI bind­ings need to be checked with your boots at least once or twice a sea­son.

As we all know bind­ings don’t al­ways re­lease when you fall par­tic­u­larly when it’s at slower speeds.

There are sev­eral ad­just­ments that should be checked

Skiers and snow­board­ers alike need to check their bind­ings from time to time.

Ski bind­ings are sub­ject to heaps of vi­bra­tions and as such you can find that some of the boot to bind­ing ad­just­ments can go out of whack, caus­ing your bind­ings to ei­ther re­lease pre­ma­turely or even not at when they should.

The din / re­lease set­ting can move.

If you’ve changed boot length or your weight has var­ied since the last time you used your skis means it’s time to have your bind­ings checked and ad­justed by a qual­i­fied ski tech.

The mount­ing screws of snow­board bind­ings can work loose too.

This can cause your bind­ings to move on your board when you least want it to.

There are so many other screws and nuts that can come loose.

The worst thing that can hap­pen is a com­po­nent fail­ure while rid­ing and you end up walk­ing. So check all those screws. A great idea is to carry one of many pocket bind­ing tools.

How long should ski bind­ings last?

In the­ory they should last for years and years but the bind­ing man­u­fac­tur­ers sug­gest that to use­ful life is from 8 to 10 years.

In fact ev­ery year they pro­duce a list of bind­ings that they rec­om­mend can still be used safely and that tech­ni­cians are per­mit­ted to ad­just.

I don’t know how of­ten I’ve had to sug­gest to a client who has pulled some older skis out of the stor­age cup­board to rent skis rather than use some bind­ings.

Snow­board bind­ings don’t have the safety is­sues as do ski bind­ings but the plas­tics they are made of do de­te­ri­o­rate due to UV ex­po­sure over time.

If there are signs of the plas­tic crack­ing or the sur­face goes pow­dery it’s time to re­place them be­fore they break en­tirely. Happy rid­ing. Peter Ha­ley, Bumps Snow Surf Skate.

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