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HAVE you no­ticed your jack­ets and pants look­ing wet when the weather is a lit­tle bit damp?

Your gear may not be get­ting wet on the in­side, but you may find that the breatha­bil­ity may not be as good as it was.

All is not lost plain.

Wa­ter­proof/breath­able outer­wear needs main­te­nance.

No mat­ter what hap­pens the wa­ter­proof mem­brane or coat­ing on the in­side of the outer fab­ric usu­ally re­mains wa­ter­proof.

If you find your­self feel­ing damp on the in­side it’s likely that the breatha­bil­ity has been com­pro­mised.

Outer­wear has a wa­ter re­pel­lent coat­ing on the out­side that causes wa­ter to bead and run off.

This coat­ing wears off through abra­sion and wash­ing.

When this coat­ing is lost the fab­ric looks wet.

This re­duces the breatha­bil­ity to the point that it’s like wear­ing a plas­tic bag. You get real sweaty. The coat­ing needs to be re­placed by us­ing prod­ucts spe­cially for­mu­lated to im­prove wa­ter­proof­ing and breatha­bil­ity such as the NIK­WAX TX Di­rect in ei­ther a spray or a wash in prod­uct or a sil­i­cone wa­ter

- let me ex- guard spray if your is­sues are just wa­ter re­pel­lence.

Dur­ing spring­time spots of grease of­ten mag­i­cally ap­pear on your jacket or pants?

I’m here to solve two mys­ter­ies.

One, the spots of grease fall off the lift tow­ers as your chair­lift goes un­der­neath them.

Se­condly, there is a way to get the grease off with­out com­pro­mis­ing your gear.

The grease spots can be easily re­moved by us­ing Eu- ca­lyp­tus Oil.

To do this, dampen the fab­ric, and then drop a few drops of Eu­ca­lyp­tus Oil onto a clean damp cloth.

Us­ing the cloth gen­tly rub the stain un­til you see it move.

Once it be­gins to move gen­tly rub the stain be­tween your fin­gers, adding another drop of oil if needed.

This should re­move stain.

Re­mem­ber to rinse straight af­ter to avoid any stain­ing.


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