Start steady and pick up the pace

Multisport Mecca - - Mooloolaba Triathlon -

cry­ing. The rest is easy go­ing; stay left un­less over­tak­ing, con­sume some fluid and fuel dur­ing your spin, don’t push too hard up hills or into the wind and save your legs for the run to come.


While rid­ing the last few kilo­me­tres vi­su­alise your next moves.

You’ve re­turned to the tran­si­tion in Mooloolaba and reach the dis­mount line where you disem­bark in fash­ion­able style with grace and el­e­gance... yeah? We’ll see. Pro­ceed through the cy­cle en­try and find your rack where your shoes ea­gerly await your soul (yes, punny). Rack your bike then re­move your hel­met (must oc­cur in this or­der) be­fore mak­ing your way to the run exit.


You’ve saved some en­ergy for this fi­nal 10km stretch. You can do it. Go out steady and pick up the pace, al­low­ing some slower stages dur­ing each climb over the Alex Hill.

This is only short, but you’ll go up it three times so save your­self for the flat and that fi­nal de­scent to the fin­ish line.

With hy­dra­tion, drink most of your fluid dur­ing the bike leg so your run only re­quires sips from the aid sta­tions and pos­si­bly one gel (hit of su­gar).

Most im­por­tantly, throw some high fives and en­cour­age­ment around. Goofy will be out there lift­ing spir­its!

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