Cod are still on the bite


WOW, hasn’t sum­mer de­parted with a bang.

While this heat is re­ally hold­ing on and mak­ing things un­com­fort­able, it is also ex­tend­ing the cur­rent run of de­cent cod fish­ing across North East Vic­to­ria.

The Ovens, King, Kiewa and Bro­ken rivers have all pro­duced cod over the last week that I know of, and if I was a bet­ting man I would sus­pect that the Mitta Mitta River has too.

Lake Mul­wala has been fish­ing quite well and has been quite con­sis­tent for a while now.

The Mur­ray River both up­stream and down­stream of Lake Mul­wala has also been pro­duc­ing quite a few cod.

My mate Shulzy has been pick­ing up quite a few cod right up close to Wodonga.

Sadly, many of the trout streams across the re­gion are very low and re­ally strug­gling for wa­ter at the mo­ment.

If a de­cent rain event ar­rives, it may well slow the cod fish­ing down, but it will give the trout streams the shot in the arm that they re­ally need right now.

Will O’Con­nor has been catch­ing some small redfin in Lake Sam­bell in Beech­worth and also caught a lovely yel­low­belly there on the week­end.

Lake Sam­bell can be quite a hard lake to fish due to the dense aquatic weed, but the re­wards are there for an­glers will­ing to per­se­vere and get to know the lake well.

It’s re­ally worth learn­ing how to rig soft plas­tics with a weed­less rig if you’re plan­ning on head­ing to Lake Sam­bell.

Beech­worth lo­cals seem to have the most suc­cess up there.

Fur­ther up the road Lake Ker­ferd has been pro­duc­ing quite a few redfin on soft plas­tics, but they have been very small.

Wayne Gard­ner and I caught around 20 one evening last week, none of which were even close to be­ing big enough to fil­let.

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