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ALL kids go through phases, one week they will only eat red things, then green things, some­times they will only eat off your plate or they pre­fer to snack rather than eat a “meal” and some­times they just won’t eat at all.

This can be frus­trat­ing and cause stress for mum and dad.

In my ex­pe­ri­ence with my fussy child I found that not mak­ing a big deal out of it was the best an­swer.

Just like sleep­ing, they do it when they want to.

Rea­sons your child may be fussy:

in the child or dur­ing your preg­nancy.

in­tol­er­ances or al­ler­gies.

be fussy with their foods…that means you too dad. Small com­ments like “what is this?”, or with a screwed up face “I am not eat­ing that” isn’t help­ful and teaches the make their own mind up.

How do I get nu­tri­ents into my child?

I am not go­ing to lie, (but don’t tell my kids) I hide them ev­ery­where, choco­late cake, fudge, smooth­ies/milk shakes, soups, frit­tata or quiches, casseroles, pasta, ris­soles, spag bol, lasagne and desserts.

You need to be­come friends with your food pro­ces­sor and ex­per­i­ment.

Make it fun - use skew­ers, meat balls, make funny faces or ob­jects (and yes, as they get older the ob­jects will be­come rude, es­pe­cially if you have boys).

Smooth­ies – 40 per cent greens, spinach, kale: 40 per cent fruit (frozen makes it creamy) and 20 per cent pro­tein- nuts, seeds, LSA, chia, yo­ghurt etc keep it sim­ple for them to make their own.

You could have fruit or smoothie packs ready in the freezer.

Con­sult your natur­opath to see if there are any nu­tri­ents that can help with ab­sorp­tion or green pow­ders that can safely be added to smooth­ies or wa­ter.

Per­se­vere and be a great role model.

Try some­thing new ev­ery week, get your child to pick out what they would like to try, make it in­ter­est­ing and flavour­ful.

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