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How long have you lived in Myrtle­ford?

I came down for a fort­night’s hol­i­day with my mother around Christ­mas time 1953 and my hus­band was of­fered a good job so we ended up stay­ing here. Where did you move from? Mer­bein which is a small town near Mil­dura, we left there with one son and now I have six sons and a daugh­ter.

Have the kids all scat­tered around or stayed in Myrtle­ford?

I have one in Queens­land, a cou­ple at Cor­ry­ong, one in Cudgewa, two around Myrtle­ford and one in Buf­falo River. What was your job in Myrtle­ford?

Apart from be­ing a mother and a house­wife I worked for 17 years in the Mar­ian Col­lege li­brary, I wasn’t a li­brar­ian, only an as­sis­tant but it took a fair bit of time up.

What did you en­joy most about that?

I love books and I love read­ing, I used to love get­ting the kids into read­ing but now un­for­tu­nately a lot of them just look stuff up on the com­put­ers which for me is just

What are you read­ing at the mo­ment?

The Fifth Horse­man by James Pat­ter­son, it’s a nice easy read.

You must have seen a lot of kids go in and out Mar­ian Col­lege?

It’s funny, be­cause you know so many of the kids and you meet their par­ents, you come in here (Myrtle­ford Lodge) and so many peo­ple say they re­mem­ber you even though you haven’t seen them in years.

Is that what you like most about liv­ing in a small com­mu­nity?

Yes ab­so­lutely ev­ery­one knows each other. One lady who sits next to me at the din­ing ta­ble (Cath Evans) has lived next door to me for 56 years. If some­body is not well you al­ways know to look af­ter them which is very good. What do you like about liv­ing

Mainly the se­cu­rity of it and the fact that the staff here are so lovely and nice. The fact that I can just go to bed and know I’m safe is great.

What is a sig­nif­i­cant is­sue Myrtle­ford faces?

Jobs for young peo­ple and trans­port.

What is a sig­nif­i­cant world is­sue?

The droughts, you see those poor peo­ple in Africa and on tele­vi­sion last night I saw some­thing like 99 per cent of New South Wales is in drought. And that of course brings on the is­sue of war, it’s a very vi­o­lent world now. When I was young I used to go to board­ing school and wan­der around by my­self but I wouldn’t do that now. Poverty leads to vi­o­lence and vi­o­lence leads to war. What is your ideal hol­i­day? I would love to go some­where, not par­tic­u­larly touristy but where I can see the open sea.

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