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Flowz Zion


How long have you lived in the area?

I’ve lived in the area almost two months, coming from Elwood in Melbourne. It’s a little bit chillier here.

What do you do?

I’m working front of house in Coffee Chakra pretty much full-time, and I run a weekly radio show on Alpine Radio with my wife Eva, called Evs and Flowz with Flowz and Ev.

That’s every Thursday night from 8pm-10pm.

The radio show is just for us to connect with community.

Community radio is like the beating heart of any community, it keeps you in touch with what’s going on.

I’m a big fan of PBS and 3RRR in Melbourne, one of the first things my wife and I did when we moved here is to find out what the community radio was and we asked if we could volunteer our time to do a show and they said they’d love it. We have a weekly theme, and the music is quite eclectic.

What do you like about the area?

We love hiking and cycling and fitness in general. There is lots to see, lots of trails and lots of hiking around the place.

The main attraction is nature.

Secondary reason is the community, there are lovely people here. It’s very welcoming in Myrtleford, I’ve found.

No one’s like “go back to where you came from” which is nice.

Where would you take people coming to the area?

Other than Coffee Chakra? I’m a big foodie, so I’d probably show them Chakra and the Vietnamese next door. I’d fuel people up before taking them on hikes to Hotham, Buffalo, all of it. Mountain biking too, there’s so much fun stuff to do.

Anything you’d change about the area?

I’ve only been here two months so I don’t know yet.

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