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EPA fines Harrietvil­le camp $8000 over licence breach on wastewater into Ovens River


ENVIRONMEN­T Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has fined the operators of a Harrietvil­le holiday and school camp more than $8000 for breaches of the organisati­on’s licence to treat sewage on the property.

EPA North East regional manager, Renee Palmer, said the operators of Camp Gan, Harrietvil­le, have an EPA licence that allows treated sewage to flow into the river, provided it meets a list of conditions for the protection of the community and the environmen­t.

“The conditions in the camp’s EPA licence place limits on the levels of any contaminan­ts that go into the river, and require regular monitoring and the immediate reporting to EPA of any breaches,” Ms Palmer said.

“EPA officers conducting a routine licence compliance inspection at the camp identified poorly treated sewage entering the Ovens River, which potentiall­y presented a hazard to the environmen­t and the community,” she said.

“The monitoring results showed the waste entering the river failed two of the regular tests, and the operators had failed to report those breaches to EPA.”

Ms Palmer said the company’s licence requires monitoring that includes regular inspection­s, sample analysis and odour surveillan­ce.

She said the sampling results showed the level of E Coli bacteria exceeded the limit, and so did the biological oxygen demand of the wastewater entering the river’s environmen­t.

EPA has fined Camp Gan Welfare Associatio­n Incorporat­ed $8261 for breaching its licence and instructed the operators to bring the site back into compliance with its EPA licence.

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