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Savoys remain on top after securing a draw


“Once they got the ball and were attacking we didn’t have many options when we went forward, just because of that system.

“They really held their own in that, I thought they did really well, but the defence and midfielder­s also did extremely well.”

The Savoys host St Pat’s in round five, who lost their weekend match against Wangaratta City 6-1.

“We’ll go in confidentl­y,” Caponecchi­a said.

“I think St Pat’s have improved over the last couple of years, they’ve really played well.

“It’s a tough game but we will go in there trying to win.”

The Savoy reserves also had limited players to draw from due to injuries and sickness, but put in a good performanc­e to tie their match 0-0.

The division 2 Savoy women enjoyed the bye, and will face St Pat’s in a home game this weekend.

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