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FOR Adam Densten, growing up in Corowa meant summer days spent on rope swings, fishing, riding tyre tubes down the river, camping and craying before winter rolled around and he would play any number of sports.

“We were outdoors all the time back then, loved the freedom of it,” Adam said.

“I was really sporty - footy, tennis, golf, cricket, swimming, whatever, it was right up my alley to be playing sports any time of the year and as well as playing footy for Corowa/Rutherglen, I also spent time playing with the Wang Maggies.

“I went to Galen College in Wangaratta for my secondary education so I got to know the Three Chain Road pretty well too.”

Adam’s love of the outdoors and sports no doubt led to his decision to choose a career as a physiother­apist, and he still manages to work full-time alongside his television and radio commitment­s.

“I certainly have a lot going on, but I’m good at multitaski­ng.

“I’m working full-time as a physio in Melbourne, planning a wedding, doing a podcast with Symon (Lovett) and we’re working as hard as possible behind the scenes to make things happen for ourselves.

“Symon and I would love to host radio and TV shows and we love to do stuff together where people can have a laugh along with us or at us. “We’re more than happy to be the jesters.” The pair get recognised fairly often, but they’re often asked if they went to school with the recogniser’s child or children or if they work at the local Bunnings.

But for those who are familiar with the television show Gogglebox Australia or I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here, Adam and Symon will be instantly recognisab­le.

“It’s a funny story as to how we got involved with Gogglebox,” Adam said.


“It was a Thursday afternoon and I was sitting with about 10 guys having a beer at a pub in Port Melbourne after a hard day of studying at university.

“A lady came over and said she’d been watching us and that she was casting for a show and thought we’d be perfect.

“We were all like ‘no thanks, not interested’, but she kept trying to convince us that it was a great show, she said it was big in England and that it was about people watching people watching TV.

“We thought it sounded boring and stupid, which we told her, but she said, ‘No, no, it’s really great, it’s called Gogglebox’.

“We told her it was the worst name, with the worst storyline and that we definitely were not interested but she gave me her email address and told me to get in contact.

“I put the paper in my pocket and didn’t think about it again until the next day when I found it.

“I texted a few of the guys to ask if they wanted to pursue it and Symon was the only one who said yes, so I emailed her and the rest is history.”

During their time on Gogglebox, Adam and Symon were invited to take part in the Longest Kick on AFL Grand Final Day and met the Fox Footy crew, which landed them a TV show about premiershi­ps and footy trips.

“We got that job but then it got shut down because of the (COVID) restrictio­ns, which was disappoint­ing,” Adam said.

During the four years Adam and

Symon were on Gogglebox, the show won four Logies and Adam and Symon were lucky enough to attend and accept the award, which was high on their list of ‘cool parties’ to go to at the time.

Most recently, Adam and Symon have been recording a radio podcast and been on tour with the Canadian Club/Empty Esky national campaign, as well as a stint on I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here.

“I jokingly emailed the CEO of Channel 10 and offered myself and Symon as local and funny hosts for the show happening the following year.

“At the time, I was told that it was very early in the process, but if we wanted jungle experience, they could offer us something, so we went on that instead.”

While Adam was on ‘ Celebrity’ he was having an issue with a math problem and happened to drop the name of his former maths teacher from Galen.

“Mr Watson was a good teacher but I was a terrible student and I didn’t listen properly and tried to outsmart myself and the game.

“I apologise unreserved­ly to Mr Watson for being a bad student.

“That might be why I haven’t been asked back to give any career talks - I was only runner-up Dux, plus it’s hard to sell a person who is known for sitting on a couch watching TV.

“My mate, Nick Frawley, was Dux of my year and has gone on to become a doctor, so he’s more likely to be called on to give inspiratio­nal talks like that.”

 ?? PHOTO: Channel 10 ?? ◆ BEST MATES: Symon Lovett (left) joined Adam Densten on the Gogglebox couch for four years.
PHOTO: Channel 10 ◆ BEST MATES: Symon Lovett (left) joined Adam Densten on the Gogglebox couch for four years.
 ?? PHOTO: Channel 10 ?? JUNGLEBOUN­D: Adam and Symon were lucky enough to have a stint on I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here.
PHOTO: Channel 10 JUNGLEBOUN­D: Adam and Symon were lucky enough to have a stint on I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here.

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