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The role of naturopath­y in your health care


NATUROPATH­Y and herbal medicine are like the ‘general practice’ of natural medicine.

People can come to see us about absolutely anything, that’s one of my favourite things about my work.

Most commonly though it’s because they are tired, worried, not sleeping well, experienci­ng some hormonal changes or want some support for the health of their kids.

All of these things impact negatively on a person’s energy, so it’s probably not surprising that the bulk of my patients are just tired and somewhat anxious.

Ultimately naturopath­s are aiming to improve the energy and healing response of the body using herbal and nutritiona­l prescripti­ons, whilst implementi­ng simple diet and lifestyle adjustment­s.

For me, naturopath­y is all about supporting a person through whatever is leading to deficient energy levels (illness, worry, fear, insomnia etc.).

It might be supporting new mothers who are struggling to breastfeed or struggling with a colicky baby, or using herbal medicine to manage mastitis and postpartum anxiety.

It might be meeting a couple before they conceive and working step by step through their anxiety, nutritiona­l deficiency and underlying hormonal imbalance.

Often it is about helping to resolve an infection, using herbs to treat and recover from heavy periods and hormonal imbalance, integratin­g a better dietary strategy into family life, listening when there is loss, fear or stress.

There are so many things that can take our energy away and finding ways to get it back are so very rewarding for me and, I believe, a huge part of naturopath­ic practice.

Kids’ infections respond really well to herbal medicine.

Using herbal medicine with my own kids has made me realize the importance of super simple treatment plans.

It just works so well and I look forward to sharing this knowledge with you next time I see you in our clinic.

 ?? (BHSCI. NATUROPATH­Y) ?? with Naturopath Belinda McPherson
(BHSCI. NATUROPATH­Y) with Naturopath Belinda McPherson

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