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King Valley Riesling

- With Anita McPherson

ONE of the most memorable moments of the pandemic lockdown experience, for all the wrong reasons, was the panic buying and tussles over toilet paper.

While it is apparently quite a common human response when thrust into these circumstan­ces, it was a still a frightenin­g display of irrational behaviour.

A friend of mind was baffled by the concern over goods and services we once used to manage without, although she admitted to getting twitchy when limits went up at the bottle shop.

It wasn’t about quantity, she insisted, but a very first world concern about spending more time at home and not having access to what she might impulsivel­y order from a bar stool.

A keen cook, she also wanted to ensure she had all the wine varieties covered to match the menus she was now planning to prepare at home, including pork schnitzel and Riesling.

Buller Wines Riesling was one I was glad to have on hand when tucking into my own pork and sauerkraut dinner.

It has a pale golden, slightly green-tinged colour and distinctiv­e aroma which is alive with citrus and lime freshness but is also a little floral.

Made with fruit sourced from the King Valley, the flavour is clean and crisp with perhaps a hint of apple along with zippy citrus, and it lasts after the dry finish.

It cuts through the rich crumb of the schnitzel and the buttery sauerkraut beautifull­y and is a match that would be hard to replicate.

Stocking the cellar is so not hoarding - it just makes sense.

PRICE: Around $21 a bottle.

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