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Volkswagen Tiguan: major updates


VOLKSWAGEN Australia’s best-selling model, the Tiguan SUV has received an update and will go on sale Downunder in two stages. The Tiguan 162TSI and the new 147TDI models arrive in late May followed in June by the 132TSI.

Tiguan comes in three grades: Life; Elegance; and the sport-themed R-Line.

The Life grade is offered with either a 1.4-litre 110kW/250Nm with frontwheel drive and six- speed DSG transmissi­on or as a 132TSI 132kW/320Nm with 4MOTION all-wheel drive and a seven-speed DSG.

Volkswagen Tiguan Elegance and R-Line models come with either the 162kW/350Nm petrol variant or the 147kW/400Nm diesel, both versions with sevenspeed DSG and 4MOTION.

All now have Digital Cockpit Pro, Touch climate controls and IQ.DRIVE with a new haptic touch steering wheel.

IQ.DRIVE replaces Traffic Jam Assist and allows for partially automated from slow moving stop-and-go traffic to highway speeds.

On R-Line models, the convention­al buttons have been replaced with ‘touch’ buttons which give haptic feedback with a small vibration when a selection is made. The buttons are also touch force sensitive. For example, a slight touch will advance the cruise control speed by 1 km increments, while a firm touch will advance the speed by 10km increments.

Volkswagen Tiguan features IQ. Lights with Matrix LED headlights on the Elegance and R-Line models. The dipped beam and main beam are formed with individual­ly controllab­le LEDs. The beam pattern is individual­ly adapted to each driving situation to ensure maximum, high precision and dazzle- fee illuminati­on of the road.

Instead of foglights, the updated Tiguan has an all-weather light function which distribute­s the light in a special way to illuminate the road better in generally poor weather conditions like rain, fog and snowfall. The static cornering lights are switched on simultaneo­usly with the main beam in both headlights to provide a better view of the road ahead.

Now standard across the range is the 10.25-inch Digital Cockpit Pro that allows customisat­ion of the highdefini­tion display to suit personal tastes.

Tigun now comes standard with sensitive surface allowing the user to control the fan speed and temperatur­e controls simply by sliding their finger or with a

slight push.

Available for the first time on the Tiguan and now standard across the range is Proactive Occupant Protection. This protects occupants within the limits of the system in critical situations such as imminent collisions.

It can detect situations in which there is an increased risk of a crash. The system automatica­lly closes the windows and (if fitted) the panoramic sliding sunroof, and tightens the front seat belts.

“With the introducti­on of new technology from the

new Mark 8 Golf, the 2021 Tiguan is not a mere midlife upgrade,” Volkswagen Group Australia managing director Michael Bartsch said. “Increasing­ly Tiguan is the model with which Volkswagen is becoming synonymous.”

 ??  ?? APPEALING: The VW Tiguan has got the sort of looks that appeal to many.
APPEALING: The VW Tiguan has got the sort of looks that appeal to many.

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