The lat­est in our se­ries of night­mare clients

Ex­clu­sively for net: The lat­est in a se­ries of anony­mous ac­counts of night­mare clients

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A friend of a friend ap­proached me to make a web­site for her. I drafted a con­tract where I would set her up with a site, Pay­Pal in­te­gra­tion and lessons on how to up­date it. I asked for half of the fee up front, which she paid.

Within weeks, I de­vel­oped a site for her. She also asked me to make a busi­ness card. I agreed to do it free of charge and de­liv­ered a print­ready im­age. She was ec­static.

I gave her a few lessons, which didn’t go as well, so I agreed to up­load her next few up­dates. We agreed that once I did that, she would pay the re­main­ing 50 per cent of my fee.

I fi­nalised the site, hav­ing done much more than we had agreed upon and sent an email with a no­ti­fi­ca­tion and the in­voice that the site was ready and I was happy to wrap the project up. No re­ply. I called her sev­eral times. She never picked up. I emailed her and tried to reach her through Face­book. Af­ter two months of un­suc­cess­ful at­tempts to reach her, I redi­rected her do­main name to an ‘Un­der Con­struc­tion’ page con­sid­er­ing that, since the project hadn’t been paid for, it shouldn’t be de­liv­ered. IM­ME­DI­ATELY I got a call from her:

Client: (fu­ri­ous) So what? You’re keep­ing my site hostage now? That is so un­pro­fes­sional!

Me: I’ve been try­ing to con­tact you for two months for the re­main­der of my pay­ment. The mo­ment you pay, your site goes back up.

Client: That’s ran­som! Me: It’s re­ally not. Very soon she paid me in full but de­manded that I pub­lished all the con­tent she had, which (in her words) I “promised to do”. I hadn’t but de­cided it would be eas­ier to just pub­lish the con­tent and say our good­byes.

About a year later she con­tacted me be­cause she had run out of busi­ness cards and wanted the file again. I said I didn’t have it any­more but would recre­ate it for a fee. She never re­sponded.

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