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Real-world per­for­mance bud­gets­gets

A deep-dive into why per­for­mance bud­gets mat­ter. This guide by Alex Rus­sell ques­tions if we can af­ford all the JavaScript we load for users on me­dian mo­bile phones given their im­pact on user ex­pe­ri­ence.

Re­duc­ing JavaScript pay­loads with code split­ting­ting

A prac­ti­cal guide to re­duc­ing how much JavaScript you’re load­ing Web­pack or Par­cel. It also in­cludes links to code­split­ting guides for Re­act, An­gu­lar and oth­ers.

Re­duc­ing JavaScript pay­loads with tree shak­ing­ing

Tree shak­ing is a form of dead code elim­i­na­tion. This guide cov­ers how to re­move JavaScript im­ports not be­ing used in your web pages to help trim down your JavaScript bun­dles.

Light­house https://de­vel­op­­house/

Light­house is a free au­to­mated tool for im­prov­ing the qual­ity of web pages by the Chrome team. It has au­dits for per­for­mance, ac­ces­si­bil­ity and more.

Above: Tools like web­pack-bun­dle-an­a­lyzer vi­su­alise your JavaScript bun­dles as in­ter­ac­tive treemaps. This en­ables you to in­ves­ti­gate what de­pen­den­cies you’re ac­tu­ally send­ing down to your users.

Above: You give Light­house a UR L to au­dit, it runs a se­ries of au­dits against the page and then it gen­er­ates a re­port on how well the page did. Au­dits in­clude high­light­ing if your JavaScript is im­pact­ing in­ter­ac­tiv­ity.

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