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A down­side of work­ing for your­self can be get­ting clients to pay up on time – or some­times even pay up at all. We asked @net­mag’s fol­low­ers for their ad­vice.

Three steps

@ halfnib­ble says there are three steps to use with clients. “Step 1: Force all clients to sign a NET15 con­tract with late fees start­ing on day 16. Step 2: Set up on­line pay­ment op­tions and au­to­matic email re­minders. Step 3: Don’t work with clients who fail to fol­low the above.”

Don’t stress

You live, you learn is an old adage that many self-em­ployed have prob­a­bly picked up the hard way. @ kreativbee­tle says ac­cept­ing the fact that some­times things don’t pan out is sim­ply part of the game. “Make peace with the loss. Mit­i­gate it by putting in place pre­ven­tions mov­ing for­ward. Af­ter mak­ing peace with the loss, re­mind the client of their obli­ga­tion (and hope­fully a signed no­tarised con­tract). Per­haps show em­pa­thy and take a pay­ment plan.”

Get ad­vice

There are lots of peo­ple who’ve been there and done it when it comes to try­ing to get clients to pay up; look to them for ad­vice. @Dar­renPar­lett says: “@Malarkey‘s ex­am­ple of a debt col­lect­ing email is great, per­sonal and without the usual busi­ness for­mal­ity.” ( https://netm. ag/2Pa27Uh)

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