Gatsby in ac tion

There are plenty of sites al­ready mak­ing use of Gatsby’s pow­er­ful ren­der­ing sys­tem. Here are some of the best.

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Re­act re­ac­ Re­act it­self uses Gatsby for its site. In or­der for bots to eas­ily crawl the doc­u­men­ta­tion, the Re­act team needed a so­lu­tion that in­volved server ren­der­ing. The so­lu­tion was to use “gatsby-plug­in­feed” to gen­er­ate a fresh RSS feed for the blog each time an up­date is posted. Ev­ery up­date au­to­mat­i­cally builds a new ver­sion, en­abling oth­ers to pre­view the changes.

State of JavaScript sta­te­ The an­nual State of JavaScript sur­vey col­lects in­for­ma­tion from de­vel­op­ers about the tech they use. Each year a mi­crosite is gen­er­ated to dis­play the re­sults. Gatsby en­ables the core data to be dis­played while the JavaScript-pow­ered charts load in the back­ground. Each page is its own com­po­nent, which Gatsby uses to split the code up into smaller bun­dles.

Vidsy cre­ Vidsy’s cre­ator-fo­cused site makes use of Gatsby’s pre-ren­der­ing fea­ture to get fast de­liv­ery on mo­bile de­vices. Through use of plug­ins, it was able to make use of its ex­ist­ing Re­act com­po­nent li­brary for a quick turn­around time. By us­ing Re­act Hel­met, it can eas­ily pro­vide Open Graph tags for so­cial shar­ing.

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