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When start­ing a site for the first time, Gatsby asks for any starters it should use. A ‘starter’ is a ready-made pack­age with a set of fea­tures ready to go. They can be a great way to try out Gatsby without hav­ing to set any­thing up.

Here are some starters that are great for a few com­mon sce­nar­ios.

Gatsby Starter Deck It’s al­ways a good idea to have pre­sen­ta­tion slides hosted on­line. What’s even bet­ter is if these can be cached off­line and eas­ily di­gested for use in book­mark­ing sites. This starter will gen­er­ate slides for con­tent writ­ten in Mark­down.

Gatsby Docs Starter­icwind­mill/gatsby-starter- docs API de­vel­op­ers will al­ways need a way to be able to doc­u­ment their code. This starter pro­vides a lay­out suited to quick ref­er­enc­ing and code snip­pets. The in­cluded com­po­nents use meta­data from each page in or­der to create a ta­ble of con­tents to help vis­i­tors find the con­tent they need.

Starter Netlify CMS cms While static site gen­er­a­tors are use­ful for de­vel­op­ers creat­ing web­sites, they are a bar­rier to less tech­ni­cal users who need a CMS to up­date the site. The static site host­ing ser­vice Netlify has a so­lu­tion to gen­er­ate fresh Gatsby builds us­ing its CMS. This starter sets up all the nec­es­sary hooks to tie into its sys­tem.

Find more about starters and get a list of those avail­able at gats­

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