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With so many de­mands placed on your time as a de­signer or de­vel­oper, find­ing ways to in­crease your out­put is a prac­ti­cal and ad­vis­able way of get­ting more out of your work­ing day. We asked @net­mag’s fol­low­ers what pro­gram­ming or for­mat­ting tech­niques they use to in­crease their pro­duc­tiv­ity.

Pro­ject man­age­ment

Util­is­ing tools such as Git is some­thing @ChrisBrather­ton be­lieves other pros should con­sider. “I’m still sur­prised how many agen­cies/de­vel­op­ers don’t use source con­trol,” he says. “It has saved me many times and saves so much time when hand­ing over to other de­vel­op­ers/ de­sign­ers. Make sure EV­ERY­THING is well doc­u­mented too!”

Au­to­matic for­mat­ting

@ chrisj­coan says that us­ing soft­ware to make sure code is in good or­der is one of the tech­niques he re­lies on: “I love us­ing @Pret­tierCode for for­mat­ting. Not only does it for­mat my code beau­ti­fully, it also au­to­mat­i­cally adds any missed semi­colons!”

Keep it simp le

@_LeonBrown says his mantra is “DRY – don’t re­peat your­self” when it comes to keep­ing work nice and con­cise – and it also helps with any pos­si­ble client is­sues fur­ther down the line. “It will save you a lot of time when the client in­evitably changes the re­quire­ments for what­ever rea­son,” he ex­plains.

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