Daniele Buffa

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What’s on your desk­top?

Too many files.

Lit­tle things that make your life worth­while

Eat­ing a re­ally good pizza margherita, pro­duc­ing elec­tronic mu­sic, a walk at the Tate Mod­ern mu­seum, binge­watch­ing se­ries.

What’s on your walls?

Hand­made prints il­lus­trated and signed by my friends and ex-Google Fivers fel­lows from a work­shop we did to­gether, a Rick and Morty poster.

What will you do for lunch?

I’ll go eat pizza with my girl­friend.

What hours do you work?

I ar­rive at the of­fice around 9am, the first half an hour is for cof­fee and a chat, then I spend an­other 15 to 20 min­utes check­ing some web­site like Awwwards for some in­spi­ra­tion, then I start work­ing. I have a lunch break around 12:30pm for half an hour and I try to get my stuff done by 6pm.

What else do you do in the of­fice?

We have a cor­ner with some cool gear, like an elec­tronic drum kit. On Fri­days we stop work­ing around 4:30pm and I like to be nerdy play­ing around with that stuff or play­ing FIFA.

How of­ten do you hang out with other de­sign­ers?

Very of­ten.

De­scribe your work­ing cul­ture in three words

Never stop dis­cov­er­ing.

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