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Shawn Ku­runeru was born in 1984 in Toronto and now lives and works in New York. Al­though young Ku­runeru’s work ex­hibits spare, ex­pan­sive and ma­ture qual­i­ties fa­mil­iar in min­i­mal­ist work, it casts a med­i­ta­tive quiet bal­ance that per­vades the space it in­hab­its. Work­ing with ink and wa­ter to gen­er­ate den­sity and trans­parency cre­ated by brush strokes ap­plied di­rectly to un­primed can­vas, th­ese ges­tures cre­ate a vis­ual po­etry and il­lu­sory depth. Ku­runeru is rep­re­sented by Ri­bordy Con­tem­po­rary, Switzer­land and David Petersen, US.

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