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Nathalie Miebach’s ‘weather’ sculp­tures are filled with re­mark­able visual com­plex­ity and play­ful­ness that cap­ture the dev­as­ta­tion and im­pacts cre­ated by weather. Miebach uti­lizes data such as eco­log­i­cal mea­sure­ments, tem­per­a­ture read­ings, sea and wave surges and then rep­re­sents each by util­is­ing ma­te­ri­als such as wood, rope and pa­per. Miebach’s sculp­tures ap­pear like chil­drens toys but in fact are visual ar­tic­u­la­tions of com­plex sci­en­tific method­olo­gies.

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