Co­conut, Mango & Dark Cho­co­late Vacherin

Serves 12-14, Prep 45 mins, Cook 2 hours

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200g dark cho­co­late, melted 2 man­goes, thinly sliced Drink­ing cho­co­late, to dec­o­rate

CO­CONUT MERINGUE 4 egg whites, at room

tem­per­a­ture 1 cup caster sugar ½ cup des­ic­cated

co­conut, toasted 2 tblsps corn­flour

MARSCAPONE FILL­ING 300ml tub thick­ened cream 2 tblsps caster sugar 1 tblsp orange-flavoured liqueur 2 x 250g tubs

mas­car­pone cheese

1 Us­ing the base of a 22cm spring­form pan, trace one cir­cle each on three sheets of bak­ing pa­per. Place each sheet on an oven tray, trace-side down. 2 To make co­conut meringue, beat egg whites in a large bowl of an elec­tric mixer un­til soft peaks form. With mo­tor op­er­at­ing, add sugar 1 ta­ble­spoon at a time, beat­ing be­tween each ad­di­tion, un­til thick and glossy and sugar is dis­solved. Add co­conut and sifted corn­flour. Gen­tly fold in un­til com­bined. Di­vide mix­ture evenly among cir­cles. Us­ing a spat­ula, spread to edges of cir­cles. 3 Cook two trays in a very slow oven (120C) for about 1 hour, or un­til meringues are crisp. Re­move from oven. Cool on trays. Re­peat with re­main­ing meringue. 4 To make fill­ing, beat cream and sugar in small bowl of an elec­tric mixer un­til firm peaks form. In a separate bowl, whisk liqueur into mas­car­pone un­til just com­bined. Fold into cream. 5 To as­sem­ble, place one meringue on a serv­ing plate. Spread with half the cho­co­late. Spoon over half the fill­ing. Top with half the sliced man­goes. Re­peat for one more layer. Fin­ish with re­main­ing meringue. Dust with sifted cho­co­late. Re­frig­er­ate un­til ready to serve.

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